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Frequently Asked Questions


Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the Terms and Conditions.



If I drive two cars, can I use my permit with both?

Yes, permits allow you to attach up to two vehicles to one permit. Please keep in mind that only one of those vehicles may park at a time.


When do I get my permit?

Permit orders are ‘pulled’ by our third party distributor every Friday. Shipping takes roughly a week from the date they receive the order.

For example, if the 1st of the month is on a Monday, they will not receive the order until Friday the 5th. You would then expect to receive your permit roughly Monday the 15th.


While I’m waiting for my permit to arrive, will I get a ticket?

Since your car and license plate is registered in our system, you will not be ticketed. Our software will alert us that you have a permit on file if we try to ticket you.

Sometimes technology doesn’t always work perfectly though. If for some reason you did get a ticket, please contact our parking enforcement office at 509-625-6605 for assistance.


I want to display something showing I have a permit while I wait for my permit to arrive.

While your car is registered in our system and we’ll know if you have a permit, we understand your desire to display something while you wait for your permit to arrive.

The bottom half of your receipt can be cut and displayed as a temporary permit. Please be sure to either fold or cut the form in half so your personal information is not displayed.


I own a company and wish to purchase permits for all of my employees. How do I do this?

Simply create an account under your name, and purchase the amount of permits you need. Attach each permit to their vehicle (you will need their vehicle make/model and license plate). Once the permits arrive to your designated address simply hand them out to your team!


Can I use the permit I purchased for other lots?

Absolutely! Some of our parking lots are more popular and tend to fill up quickly. If you want to park in a lot different than the lot you purchased your permit for feel free to. Our permits are valid for Lots 1-5 & 7.


I didn’t want my permit to auto-renew, and want a refund.

Please contact our parking enforcement office at 509-625-6605 for assistance. We can turn off auto-renew and process a refund usually.